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Skip to main content usa today news subscribe mobile home news travel money sports life your life tech weather news: communities college blog faith & reason kindness green house on deadline on politics the oval | education education home best value colleges student engagement college blog | nation nation home census lotteries green house | military | election 2012 elections home on politics | religion religion home faith & reason | health & wellness healthy perspective | washington washington home the oval | world world home war casualties | opinion opinion home editorials & debates columnists' opinions readers' opinions hearing loss 'incredibly common' as boomers grow older by anita manning, special for usa today updated comments 22 those heady nights of cranking up the stereo and rocking out to the loudest music bearable may be over for many baby boomers, but the fallout — age-related hearing loss — may be just beginning. viagra taken by younger men Sponsored links about 36 million americans have some degree of hearing loss and, with 10,000 turning 65 each day, that number is expected to shoot up. viagra no prescription Federal health officials estimate that 25% to 40% of people over 65 have some hearing loss, and a recent study by researchers at johns hopkins university reported 63% of those over 70 had mild to severe impairment. samples of viagra Hearing loss is more common in men than women, possibly because men are more likely to work in noisy environments, such as construction. "this is an incredibly common condition," but only about 20% of those affected seek help, says daniel sklare, a program director at the national institute on deafness and other communication disorders. Cost is a factor (hearing aids can run $1,600 to $3,000 each or more) as well as the "stigma" of wearing them, he says. viagra coupon "many are living with hearing loss a decade or more without seeking medical intervention. viagra canada " sound advice: latest news on hearing loss that was not the case for karl keul, 67, of manassas, va. generic viagra 4rx In 2004, while lifting weights, he suddenly lost hearing in his left ear. viagra ice cream jokes During the subsequent examination, his audiologist noted that he also had some age-related hearing loss in his right ear. He was given hearing aids for both ears. He didn't think twice about getting them and shrugs off any suggestion of a stigma, comparing them to eyeglasses. how does viagra daily work "no one likes the idea of devices poking out of your ears, but they're extremely effective. overnight usa order viagra online When it comes to hearing, there's not much i miss out on. " keul's audiologist, kenneth henry of falls church, va. generic viagra without prescription , says sudden hearing loss can result from infection or other medical conditions, and the cause. buy viagra without prescription

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